The development of the child
The process of freeing, a process which leads to gaining a sense of one’s own self, is an essential experience for children.
Children are born with a strong spiritual connection to their parents and especially their mother. The mother nurtures this spiritual connection, and through it, her child.
As our children grow, they begin to experience the environment for them self, and become aware of their own body and individuality within the world.  This is a time of magical transformation for any person but is also a time that can be filled with apprehension and difficulty. Learning to navigate our way through an increasingly complex and confusing world is not easy!
Living with contentment and peace is an ideal that we can all aspire to, and it is achievable! It requires a solid sense of who we are and an ability to act with love and generous spirit whatever the circumstances.

kinesiology newcastle children

A Kinesiology treatment for Children helps:
Fears and Phobias
Learning difficulties
Poor co-ordination
Developmental issues
During a Kinesiology session
Kinesiology monitors the neural, muscular and emotional responses of the body. These responses will indicate the areas of stress that can manifest into illness.
Because children are unable to express themselves as comprehensively as adults, Kinesiology allows the child to be free from having to try and explain themselves and their emotions.
The session is carried out with a parent in the room and is usually no longer than an hour.