My path to becoming a kinesiologist started over thirty years ago.

I was in search of a complementary form of medicine for myself and our first child.

Our daughter was going through some illness concerns and the conventional health system was unable to help. There just seemed to be no easy cause or condition to be identified or understood. I also tried a number of other natural health practitioners and sadly met with no success.

My daughter suffered from months of stomach problems, vomiting and a big loss of appetite.  After numerous hospital and Doctor visits I searched the yellow pages and found the health approach which I had not tried, and I knew nothing about.  ‘Kinesiologist’, I thought, ‘I have nothing to lose.’

After the first Kinesiology balance I went home and said to my husband ’I have no idea what that session was all about!’  Our daughter woke the next morning asking for breakfast and the signs of any stomach concerns were gone.  She was also much more joyful and playful. The cause for this particular issue was emotional and the treatment was more time with her father.

Do you wish your child could speak their needs very clearly? Kinesiology is a great approach for this.


My Vision:

I believe the answers lie in each and every one of us and I am deeply committed to facilitating the healing journey of others.

My Qualifications:

I completed my Certificate IV in Kinesiology and a Diploma in Kinesiology at the College of Complementary in Hornsby.  Touch for Health Level 1 -4 in Sindal, Denmark, Brain Gym in Sindal, Denmark, Wellness Kinesiology with Wayne Topping in Vejle, Denmark.

Certificate IV in Kinesiology

Diploma in Kinesiology

Touch for Health Level 1 -4

Brain Gym Training

Wellness Kinesiology Training

Professional Kinesiology training in Neural Organisation Technique Level 1 and 2.

Membership: Australian Kinesiology Association.


My Experience:

After studying and practising as a Kinesiologist for over sixteen years, I am passionate and in awe about the results which are obtained with my work with Kinesiology.




"I feel mostly calm and peaceful and am excited about life and living again."
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"I whole heartedly recommend Jachline to anyone!"
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"I love that Jachlines’ treatments are gentle and noninvasive, yet highly effective".
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