Kinesiology Newcastle

Are you experiencing:


Anxiety or PTSD

Chronic fatigue


Stomach or digestion problems

Menstral irregularities or pain

Chronic fatigue


Symptoms such as these are a sign that your inner stress levels are too high.


This is your body and mind sending you a signal that something is out of Balance.




I do what I do because wellness is the only thing in life that matters.  Without great health we will never be fulfilled.


Think of your health as a stream, where illness blocks it with debris. It does not flow as it should, becomes unclear and stagnates.


The power in what I do is to understand what creates the debris, which lies behind the illness blocking your body’s innate healing potential.

From here we move forward with the precise and individual healing treatment for you. This clears the debris which allows the stream to flow freely again, become crystal clear and in harmony with its surroundings. This is ultimately how you should feel.


 Your healing is complete when you have fully retrieved and deeply know the true aspect of yourself, who you really are.