Hi, my name is Jachline. On my own personal journey, I have come to a place where I have learnt that, wellness is the only thing in life that matters. 

 Health problems hold us back from doing the things we love. They hold us back from achieving and experiencing true fulfillment.

I deeply enjoy working within kinesiology. 

Are you experiencing:


Anxiety or PTSD

Chronic fatigue


Stomach or digestion problems

Menstrual irregularities or pain?



Symptoms such as these are a sign that your inner stress levels are too high.


This is your body and mind sending you a signal that something is out of Balance.



 If your health is like a stream.  When you are well, your stream is crystal clear and flowing easily.  

When we are unwell, your stream is a mess with gathering debris which blocks and muddies the waters.


Allow me to help you discover what is creating debris.

And then, we can clear and resolve what needs resolving… and set free your body’s innate healing potential.

 Your healing is complete when you have fully retrieved and deeply know the true aspect of yourself, who you really are.